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We’ve made it simple…

  • Micro-keyhole surgery. No stitches.
  • No referral letters or long waiting lists.
  • No injections into penis or testicles.
  • No general anaesthetic or hospital admissions.
  • No booking deposit.
  • Virtually painless. Maximum comfort.
  • Drive yourself home after the procedure.
  • Australia’s first live vasectomy chat service available on our website.
  • Weekday & Saturday appointments available.
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The Procedure.

Our vasectomies take approximately 20 minutes, and are performed under a local anaesthetic, so no sedation is required. This allows you to drive to and from our practice.

Dr Blanks practises the innovative no-scalpel technique which means no knives or scalpels. This makes the procedure even safer and hassle free for men.

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What it all means.

Remember, having a vasectomy does not change the quality of your semen, ejaculation, orgasm, testosterone levels, or your sex drive. There is no visible difference to your semen.

A vasectomy just means that your semen is completely sperm free.

In fact, many men and women report to Dr Blanks that their sex lives improve after a vasectomy, because the stress of accidental pregnancy is no longer there.

Many couples also look at breaking free from the ongoing hassles associated with other contraceptive methods such as hormone tablets, injections and implants.

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Join the 25,000 men that have a vasectomy in Australia every year.

What is the cost?

Your vasectomy with Dr Blanks will leave you with an out of pocket cost of $594.35. No referral is required from a GP.

The fee for the procedure is $817. You will receive a refund of $222.65 back from Medicare – we can process this claim for you on the day.

The procedure fee includes:

  • Your medical consultation with the doctor (immediately prior to your procedure on the day). Consulting with the Doctor on the day ensures that you are fully informed, comfortable and safe to proceed.
  • Your after-care bag.  This contains any letters, scripts you may need, more after-care information, an ice pack for the drive home and other fun post-vasectomy goodies.
  • Your follow up call from the medical staff later that week to make sure you are progressing well and as expected.
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Vasectomy Melbourne, Brisbane & Adelaide

Convenient Locations

Dr Blanks performs the innovative no-scalpel vasectomy technique at 6 convenient locations across Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and Bendigo. All clinics are dedicated vasectomy only clinics.

Our convenient locations and friendly staff aim to help provide easier access for couples across Victoria, Queensland & South Australia looking to achieve hassle-free contraception and greater peace of mind.

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