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Wanting to bring a bro?

Dr Blanks allows up to 3 mates to attend at once. The Dr. Blanks team have found that men who request to do their consultations or procedures on the same day as a colleague (or another support person or friend seeking a vasectomy) tend to experience a more relaxed, understanding and supportive vibe on the day.

You can choose to do your medical consultation with the doctor together, or individually, depending on your preference.

If You and your ‘bro’ subsequently choose to schedule your procedure on the same day, consider a fair decision-making method of who gets to go first. Flip a coin, engage in a friendly game of chance or “rock, paper, no scalpel it.” Comfort, empathy and support are key Dr Blanks values, which is why the Brosectomy initiative was introduced to support our patients’ demand for collegial vasectomies.

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Brosectomy aims to generate large-scale awareness and support for men’s health matters around Australia.


10% of all proceeds from BROSECTOMY will go to men’s health awareness groups around Australia…so rest assured, you’re also doing a good thing for all your “brothers from other mothers” out there.

Adding to Brosectomy’s vision for increased men’s health awareness, we also hope it helps end the resistance often associated with men needing to present to doctors for general physical or mental health concerns. We hope it helps to promote a quick, minimally invasive and effective form of contraception. We hope it helps share the responsibility of contraception and healthcare.

Call 1800 252 657 and ask for Brosectomy Bookings or alternatively book here.

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Like to learn more?

For more information about Brosectomy and the Brosectomy Vision read our MANifesto here

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When you submit your online booking, a member of the Dr Blanks team will touch base with you within 24 hours. Alternatively, you may also free-call 1800 252 657 and speak to a doctor directly.

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