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Before the day.

You choose. When you book in with our staff online or via 1800 BLANKS you will be asked which procedure day you prefer between Mondays to Saturdays. Our friendly staff will ask you if you prefer the walk-in-walk out option or a bulk-billed pre-consult and the procedure on a different day of your choosing.

There is no special preparation for your no-scalpel keyhole procedure.  If you prefer to shave the underside of the penis (and all of the front and sides of your scrotum) at home, before your procedure, you may do so carefully with a guarded razor. This will allow your doctor clear access on the day. Otherwise, Dr Blanks will use a special razor on the day to clear any hair safely and gently. No booking deposits or referral letters are sought. All our sites have ample parking and access to public transport.

Walk-in-Walk out

The walk-in-walk out option means that you still go through all the safety questions with the doctor immediately prior to the procedure. It just means that everything (consultation and procedure) all happens on the same day. You will be able to drive yourself comfortably after your procedure

Here at Dr Blanks, we understand that every gentleman is different, so we expect everyone to have different questions and their respective journeys to be unique. Dr Blanks prioritises patient safety and quality care. For this reason, on the day of your walk-in-walk out procedure, your doctor will spend some time with you immediately prior to your procedure answering any questions.

If you choose the walk-in-walk out option, factor in approximately 15 minutes with doctor on the day and another 15 to 20 mins for the procedure itself. Your doctor will give you your semen test kit and any letters or scripts you may need before the procedure starts.


If you prefer to meet with the doctor first and then the procedure on a different day, this can also be accommodated for. Just let our friendly staff know and they will arrange a Medicare bulk-billed appointment for you to meet your doctor prior to the day of your vasectomy procedure. This gives you the opportunity to discuss, in more detail, the finer points about your vasectomy with your Doctor whilst still having a gap between meeting your doctor and the procedure itself.

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The Vasectomy Procedure explained FAQ
Dr Blanks Vasectomy Results

On the day.

Here at Dr Blanks, we practise the innovative and latest no-scalpel technique. This means no knives or scalpels. This makes the keyhole procedure even safer, more comfortable and hassle free for men.

After your doctor has greeted you, and answered any other specific questions you may have, the procedure can then safely begin.

The small area on the scrotum where the keyhole is made, is firstly cleared of any hair using a special razor (you do not need to shave at home). The area is then cleaned using an antiseptic solution.

A local anaesthetic is then administered using a very fine needle just into the skin of the scrotum. This aims to numb the area so that your procedure can begin.  One or two micro-keyholes are made in the numbed skin of your scrotum using a special instrument and the tubes (vasa deferentia) on each side are delivered, snipped and sealed.

To even further minimise the chance of reconnection of the tubes, known in urology as ‘recanalisation,’ your Doctor will use intra-mucosal cautery to seal the ends. He will then use the ‘fascial interposition’ method where the tubes on either end are buried in different anatomical layers.

At the end of the procedure, no stitches are used. This is because the keyhole that the Doctor works through on the day is really small (approximately 5mm) and closes well and neatly soon after the procedure. All men are glad to know that they won’t need to come back to have any stiches removed, and there’s nothing they need to do to the area where the keyhole was (no need to apply any betadine, saline washes or any band-aids).

Here at Dr Blanks we use a 2 in 1 (long and short acting) anaesthetic to maximise comfort both during and after your vasectomy. Most men feel comfortable during the procedure, while some may describe ‘movement’ or ‘pressure’ sensations. On occasion, a minority of men may need more anaesthetic for the area to be numb. Your doctor will be in constant communication with you to ensure that your optimal comfort is maintained during your procedure. You will be numb for at least 1 to 2 hours after your procedure before the anaesthetic wears off. This allows you plenty of time to comfortably drive yourself home.

When the local anesthetic eventually wears off, you are encouraged to use simple paracetamol and ibuprofen to control any discomfort. Dr Blanks also encourages the use of an ice pack (a pack of fresh frozen peas wrapped in a towel is satisfactory) when you get home (20mins on, 20 mins off) to aid with any residual discomfort, and to reduce the chance of any bruising or swelling.

For more information on the risks and benefits of this procedure please refer to our faq – click here

For further information on Vasectomies

Read the Victorian Government - Fact Sheet hereRead the Healthy Male Andrology Australia - Fact Sheet here

The Facts.

To the naked eye, there is no visible change to the volume, quantity, consistency or colour of your ejaculate after your vasectomy. Sperm only makes up 2-5% of the total semen volume after an ejaculation.

There is no affect on your testosterone levels, sex drive or erections. In fact, many men and women report that their sex lives improve post a man’s vasectomy as the stress of unwanted pregnancy is now gone.

After your Vasectomy.

Your doctor will close the micro keyhole without using any stitches. A sterile gauze dressing will then be applied where the keyhole was to protect the area. You should leave it on for at least a day. If you shower the next day and the dressing comes off, that is fine.

After you leave the doctor’s procedural suite, the front desk will then process your Medicare refund on the spot, directly back into your bank account. The rebate will be instantaneous.

At the front desk you will receive your Dr Blanks after-care bag. This bag includes any scripts or medical certificates you may need. A complimentary (self-activated) ice pack for your drive home, to maximise your recovery. Your semen test kit will also be in your bag. You will need to use this kit 3 months after your procedure.  The kit is important to ensure that your procedure has been 100% successful and that there are no more sperm in your semen. Until you receive clearance from the doctor, you must continue to use alternative forms of contraception (eg. hormone contraceptive tablets, hormone implants, injections, condoms etc). Remember, all vasectomies can only be confirmed successful through completing a semen test at 3 months after your procedure.

To make it easy, you perform your sample at home. (You don’t have to come back to the clinic to submit your sample. Your doctor will advise you of the closest collection centre to your house where you can drop off your sample at your convenience). The doctor will then ring you with your results.

To make sure you’re progressing well and as expected after your procedure, the medical staff will give you a follow up call the day after your procedure to touch base with you.

All the Dr Blanks gentlemen will have access to the after-hours doctor phone line, regardless, should you need to reach our doctors after 6pm.

The next day most men can go back to work. Many men ask the doctor what they can expect to feel the day after their procedure. If you imagine a discomfort scale where 0 is no pain and 10 is the worst pain imaginable, most gentlemen sit around a 1 or 2 the next day. It is not uncommon to be completely pain free the next day either. However even if you’re feeling back to normal the next day, and have no pain, you are still advised to take it easy for at least 5-7 days after your procedure to give you the most optimum healing experience.

The clinic will advise you to avoid any particularly strenuous activity for the first 48-72 hours after your vasectomy (eg. cycling, deadlifting, jogging) as a precaution. Over the following 7 days you should avoid heavy lifting, prolonged driving and avoid swimming. Contact sports should also be avoided. These suggestions are tailored at reducing the chance of complications such as pain, infection or any bleeding.

During the 3 months after your procedure, please remember to keep using alternative forms of contraception. A zero sperm count when you complete the test kit will mark the end of your vasectomy journey. You will be able to then begin using your vasectomy and you will successfully be discharged from Dr Blanks. Congratulations!

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