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Vasectomy Reversal

We get it. Sometimes life happens and you’re now looking to reverse your vasectomy.

Remember vasectomy reversals are more time consuming and must be performed in the hospital setting as it is microsurgery. What happens with these procedures is that your surgeon must find your tubes and reconnect them using very fine stitches. This is important so that the sperm can travel through the tubes (vasa deferentia) once again.

Remember, in the hands of an expert surgeon, success rates for a vasectomy reversal sits around 80 to 90%. The chances of success are lower if significant time has passed since your initial vasectomy procedure and your reversal procedure (after about 10 years, the chance of success falls significantly). Other factors also contribute to the likelihood of your reversal being a success (i.e. the length of vasa taken out during your initial vasectomy or if blockages have occurred in the epididymis.) Remember, even after a successful reversal procedure, pregnancy is not guaranteed.

To arrange your vasectomy reversal call 1800 252 657 and our friendly staff will introduce you to our team of specialist urology surgeons that will help your with your reversal journey.

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